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Includes pure silk exfoliating glove for body & silk soap with holder.
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Silky Feel exfoliating glove is finely woven using a unique Turkish technique perfected over centuries, through the ritual of the Hammam.
When the fibres of the fabric are wet, they swell to form a tight grip that catches, lifts and visibly rolls away layers of dead skin on the surface of your skin.

This natural skincare routine can be used as a treatment to fight:
- Dry skin
- Ingrown hair
- Stretch marks
- Skin bumps
- Smooths skin for even tanning

Where traditional mitts are usually made from synthetic fabrics like rayon or polyester, Silky Feel exfoliating glove is made from 100% pure silk and as such, eliminates the need to use any other products with the mitt. This means forgoing all soaps when using the glove, as the silk is able to do all the work by itself. Silky Feel exfoliating glove also:

- Stimulates the lymphatic system

- Reduces cellulite
- Prevents pore enlargement
- Removes fake tan
- Reduces stretch marks
- Removes dirt and grease
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- Brightens complexion
- Deeply purifies the skin

100% pure cocoon silk - it is not necessary to use other cosmetic products to achieve superb exfoliating effect.